The Autumnlands, Volume Two: Woodland Creatures

Author: Kurt Busiek

Artist: Benjamin Dewey

Type: Fiction, comic

Collects issues: 7-14

Published: 2017

I read it: August 2018

the autumnlands woodland creatures

Learoyd and Dusty set out on their own road trip journey in this next collection of Autumnlands. The story is streamlined, now that we don’t have a huge cast of characters to discuss plans and do all the scene-setting for us. The pair fight off hostile baddies and stumble upon the sheep-folk, who revere them. Dusty gains confidence in his ability to use magic, and Learoyd gains a conscience about fighting for the underdogs. (Or at least, Dusty speculates on Learoyd’s intentions, as the story is fundamentally from the pup’s perspective.)

The new plot revolves around a goddess who crosses paths with the travelers. While the reader and the main characters want to know the backstory and mythology of this being, she is also stumped because she can’t figure out quite who or what Learoyd is. The plot thickens when an ancient palace/factory is revealed in the mountains, where statue-robot women are trying to obey old protocols from millennia ago. Some nudity in this storyline is explained yet questionable, although for balance we get to see Learoyd’s wang again.

Autumnlands is shaping up to be a tale of how the actions of the gods (or ancient scientist-explorers, or whatever they are) affect the lives of the common folk, the simple woodland creatures of the title. We’ll have to wait until the next round of myth, magic, and mayhem gets bundled into Volume Three before we really know what kind of stride the story intends to hit.

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