Shutter, Volume One: Wanderlost

Author: Joe Keatinge

Artist: Leila del Duca

Type: Fiction, comic

Collects issues: 1-6

Published: 2014

I read it: May 2015


There’s no getting around it: Shutter is a lot like Saga. On some future version of Earth that might as well be another planet for all the strange creatures involved, a woman gets thrown into an unwitting adventure. She’s chased across multiple issues by a number of assassins with mysterious motives. There’s a lot of action, emotion, weird violence, and family issues. There’s even a creative feline sidekick: this time it’s Alarm Cat instead of Lying Cat.

There are differences, of course. Kate Kristopher is a (supposed) only child whose father was a great adventurer but died on a mission with her ten years back. She never wants to talk about her mother. She doesn’t have kids, and her life is kind of ho-hum because it’s pretty normal. Everything gets shaken up within a few pages, and then we’re off to the races. Kate has action hero skills but doesn’t really use her camera much. She does carry it around a bit, so I guess that’s why it’s called Shutter.

This type of storytelling is like Adventure Time for adults (well, plenty of adults like that show, me included, but you know what I mean). That is to say, the world is filled with any type of talking creature you can imagine, and anything can happen at any time. It makes for a fun and disorienting read. At first I thought this style was specific to Saga, but now I’m wondering if it’s just a pattern in modern comics. We shall see. I’ll probably continue to read both titles whenever the library gets around to acquiring the next volumes.


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