The Everything Father-To-Be Book

Author: Kevin Nelson

Type: Non-fiction, single subject, guide

Full title: The Everything Father-To-Be Book: A Survival Guide for Men

Published: 2003

I read it: August 2013

everything father

This is the only parenting book I finished cover-to-cover around the time of the birth. (I had to get in the last couple chapters after Isaac was born, but it was still fun to read about potential birth scenarios having already experienced ours.) Everything is super general and straightforward, and the book’s cliche style hints that it was probably written by a committee of men and the final product was boiled down to include the broadest strokes. Still, it’s a great starting point for new dads. There are bound to be terms and pregnancy facts that no man has heard of until they are in the situation. If you can get past some of the corniness, it’s not a bad overview of the birth experience. Another thumbs up is that the chapters do mention some non-majority way of doing things, at least in a couple cases, such as stay-at-home dads versus primary-provider dads. The book also does a good job of using words like “partner” instead of “husband” and “wife,” something sadly overlooked in even modern parenting books. Anyway, give this one a shot.


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