The Complete Persepolis

Author/Artist: Marjane Satrapi

Type: Non-fiction, comic, memoir

Collects issues: Persepolis #1-4

Published: 2000

I read it: January 2013


The book was good, but did not blow me away. I suppose if I had more interest in the history of the region I would have been more engaged. I appreciate the author trying to detail so much of what was going on at the time, but there were too many proper nouns—both in the sociopolitical storylines as well as the personal ones. There were times when a character would be introduced and dismissed within nine frames, and I wondered why that detail of the author’s life was included at all. I would have rather focused in on a handful of events which were explored through several chapters than to constantly be jumping from one setting to the next. There was a lot of exposition and too few pages that tried to convey the bulk of an idea with just pictures. It was a good comic, and a quick read as they all are, but it probably will not be sticking in my mind.

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