Welcome to the Monkey House

Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Type: Fiction, short stories

Published: 1968

I read it: December 2012

monkey house

This is a collection of several of Vonnegut’s short writings which had appeared in journals and magazines over the years. While there are just a couple duds (like the first story—why this one up front?), most of the selections are thought-provoking and/or funny, and a few soar much higher. The best are the science fiction tales, which must have established Vonnegut as a unique thinker in that genre during the 50s. These stories are “Report on the Barnhouse Effect,” “The Euphio Question,” “Harrison Bergeron,” “Unready to Wear,” and the title selection. All are worth poring over. There are a couple others that cut impressively, such as the touching “D.P,” the lonely “More Stately Mansions,” or the intense “All the King’s Horses.” Whatever your tastes, you are bound to find something intriguing in Vonnegut’s short works.

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