That Is All

Author: John Hodgman

Type: Fiction, humor

Part of series: Complete World Knowledge (#3)

Published: 2011

I read it: July 2012

that is all

The deranged billionaire John Hodgman has written a book that you should read NOW. For it is 2012, the year of our reckoning, and here is the definitive guide through everything EVIL AND UNNATURAL that shall descend on our poor planet in a span of months. There is advice, hysteria, and engaging minutiae on every page. Do you like baseball, wine, magic, and/or mayonnaise? Do you wish to know meanings of your dreams or the finer points of British zoo etiquette? YES, YOU DO. Seriously, this is the only year this book will be relevant. You cannot fault a volume whose final pages weave together Stephen King, Carl Sagan, and John Darnielle. Can you? NO, YOU CANNOT.

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