Satan’s Music Exposed

Author: Lowell Hart

Type: Non-fiction, single subject

Published: 1981

I read it: February 2011

satans music

I spent my early teens listening buying Christian rock music from Christian stores and going to Christian music festivals. According to this slender volume, I was lured in by the long arm of Satan himself and deceived under the guise of sugar-coated, sensual rhythms. Confusing, right? More like hilarious.

They say there’s no fighting like in-fighting, and this book illustrates the concept perfectly. Satan’s music is what you think it is–rock, jazz, pop, pretty much any style created after 1900. But the book isn’t about the harmful effects of secular music. It’s about the harmful effects of Christian rock music. The logic is swiss cheese, and this particular opponent surely isn’t worth the time it takes to type any sort of rebuttal. Just know that young people rocking out in church–even if the lyrics are about Jesus–is a very, very potent manifestation of evil. Or something like that.

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