What Is Your Dangerous Idea?

Author: John Brockman (editor)

Type: Non-fiction, essays

Full title: What Is Your Dangerous Idea?: Today’s Leading Thinkers on the Unthinkable

Published: 2006

I read it: September 2010

dangerous idea

These are just a few essay titles I marked as noteworthy. Just try to keep your mind from getting excited:

  • Brains Cannot Become Minds Without Bodies
  • The Self is a Conceptual Chimera
  • Cyberdisinhibition
  • Science Must Destroy Religion
  • Science Will Never Silence God
  • The Differences Between Humans and Nonhumans Are Quantitative, Not Qualitative
  • Groups of People May Differ Genetically in Their Average Talents and Temperaments
  • Zero Parental Influence
  • Social Relativity
  • There Aren’t Enough Minds to House the Explosion of Memes
  • Open-Source Currency
  • Democracy May Be on Its Way Out
  • Free Will Is Going Away
  • A Twenty-Four Hour Period of Absolute Solitude

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