Lyrics and Poems

Author: John K. Samson

Type: Fiction, poetry

Full title: Lyrics and Poems: 1997-2012

Published: 2012

I read it: December 2012

samson lyrics

This nifty little volume compiles all of John K. Samson’s lyrics from The Weakerthans plus his solo outing (though the “Little Pictures” EP is curiously missing). As a fan, it is a lot of fun to read these in poetry form, plus all the epigraphs are included, with notes at the back about the original sources and inspirations. Most notable are the secret tracks, if you will: a couple entries tacked to the end of each album section which are not recorded songs. Well, a few of them read like songs due to the rhyme schemes, so maybe they exist out there somewhere on neglected cassette tapes.

This is a fine book for winter afternoons, or when you want to write a song and need some lyricism to run through your head. Seek out the similar publication by Will Sheff of Okkervil River, and you will have a fine insight into these musicians who really want to be writers at heart.

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