Come On All You Ghosts

Author: Matthew Zapruder

Type: Fiction, poetry

Published: 2010

I read it: March 2013

come on all you ghosts

Zapruder uses a flowing, circling, just-dancing-away style to contribute to poetry’s primary aim: connect the biggest ideas with the tiniest of moments. This poet’s odd corridors sometimes stray a bit past the accessible, but then stunners like “Dobby’s Sweatshirt” or “Automated Regret Machine” show that he can also stay focused. In “Work” he paints wonderful city images and “Global Warming” is one of a kind because he addresses the feeling of the title phrase without ever tacitly exploring the subject at all. I was a sucker for the multiple uses of Neil Young and Minnesota, and it is clear Zapruder is on point when hitting death full on, as in “Ceasing to Be.” The final entry, “Come On All You Ghosts,” is a solid summary of his style because it melts and hardens back together in equal doses, and is a case study in how simple words strung together become anything but simple.

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