The Girl Who Played With Fire

Author: Stieg Larsson, Reg Keeland (translator)

Type: Fiction novel

Part of series: Millennium (#2)

Published: 2006

I read it: June 2010

girl who played with fire

The second installment of the Millennium trilogy is good, but it’s no Dragon Tattoo. I knew the pages would flip easily so the length wasn’t too daunting, but I definitely wasn’t hooked enough to stay up late into the night reading, even when I was 50 pages from the end. It seems to suffer from Two Towers syndrome: it’s obviously a transition book in a series, and doesn’t really have a lot of meat on its own.

It lacks the deep mystery underlying the smaller mysteries that Dragon Tattoo offered, and it certainly lacks the danger, the secluded dungeon-esque scenes. The creepiest setting is a farm off a country road close to town and the only cringe-inducing conquest takes place in flashback. Also, Ms. Salander undergoes some eyebrow-raising body enhancement. Still, I’m holding out hope that Hornet’s Nest delivers in spades and that this second book will sit comfortably between its betters.

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