Treasure Island

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Type: Fiction, novel

Published: 1883

I read it: May 2008

treasure island

The most widely recognized fictional treatise on pirates. Here we get the parrots and the peg legs and the X-marks and the schooners. It’s a pretty fun read, and the internal treachery on the ship made for some good drama. But it would have been cool to have some longer battles with more of an “us vs. them” feel, with armies clashing, blades and pistols drawn. Anyway, I suppose the story as it’s told does deal in some moral gray areas that keep piracy fascinating even today. Arrrr…. off to steal some music.

2 thoughts on “Treasure Island

  1. Hey there: I am currently seeking help from writers/bloggers who love Robert Louis Stevenson. I wrote a short screenplay called “Death Is No Bad Friend” about R.L.S. in San Francisco and am in the process of applying to grants to help fund the film. For more details, please visit I would really appreciate your support! 🙂 Best regards, G. E.

    • Hi, thanks so much for commenting.

      Alas, I don’t have enough of an affinity for Stevenson to contribute meaningfully to your project. I do like the idea of it a lot, and it’s great to see these interesting cross-collaborations. All the best with it.

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