A Storm of Swords

Author: George R.R. Martin

Type: Fiction, novel

Part of series: A Song of Ice and Fire (#3)

Published: 2000

I read it: March 2012

storm of swords 2

What can I say, it’s the third book in the series and the one that many say is the best so far. I thought it was fun, although I’m seeing how none of the books are separate pieces that can stand apart as having their own flow and feel. But as far as keeping the large arc going, this one succeeds enormously. Characters zip around the land with remarkable speed, plots turn with every other turn of the page, and the character (I hesitate to say POV) of each chapter is just the character you want to be reading about. I do have to mention that this is the point in the series where the cast of Martin’s world becomes too big to merit surprise when false identities are revealed: what should be a “whoa” moment is a “hmm, who’s that again?” moment. Such are the risks of the sprawling world, so take it for what it is and enjoy the lunch hour reprieve. For me, I’ll be sitting at this rest stop for several months before taking on four and five.

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