A Devil’s Chaplain

Author: Richard Dawkins

Type: Non-fiction, essays

Full title: A Devil’s Chaplain: Reflections on Hope, Lies, Science, and Love

Published: 2003

I read it: March 2008

devils chaplain

This is a collection of several of Dawkins’ essays. It’s a good read because none of them are really too long, and they cover a range of topics from evolution (of course) to medicine to religion to genes. There are a couple book reviews which can get a little cumbersome, but they are rounded out by other sections such as African experiences and illuminating eulogies. The best part is a letter Dawkins wrote to his own daughter when she turned 10, called “Good and Bad Reasons for Believing”. It’s worth it to pick up this book for a few minutes just to read this last part which explains some simple guidelines for living, without ever talking down to the reader.

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