The Visible Man

Author: Chuck Klosterman

Type: Fiction, novel

Published: 2011

I read it: January 2013

visible man

This was my first Klosterman and I know fiction is not his main game, but I enjoyed myself. It’s an easy breezy read and stirs up good discussion. The entire book is basically dialogue, so be ready for a conversational tone and a couple very subjective and downward-spiral type characters. The story of Y___ provides a creeping sense of dread, and the drama that unfolds satisfies without going over the edge. It all feels like it really could happen, while seeming just enough at a distance to not make you entirely scared of human beings. Y___ is a character I could not hate or love, but I didn’t care about doing either–I just wanted to hear what he had to say about his own motives. He certainly makes you rethink the concept of sitting alone in an empty house.

A good fun read to kick off the year, and oh yeah, loved the little Minneapolis bit. It featured my former street!

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