Author: Roald Dahl

Type: Fiction, short stories

Full title: Skin and Other Stories

Published: 2000

I read it: November 2013 (re-read)


I re-read this one for a small book club with friends. I enjoyed having vague memories of each story as I read them, and murmuring some “oh yeah”s in my head as they unfolded. There is a tangible unease in each piece, and it’s a pleasure to see how things develop (or devolve, as Dahl has a special talent for writing unique downspiraling situations). Sometimes he has a bit too much of an ah-ha moment, and I think some of the weaker stories are “The Sound Machine” and “The Surgeon” because while clever, they don’t resonate. I’m more a fan of “Lamb to the Slaughter,” “Champion of the World,” “Dip in the Pool,” and the almost hallucinatory “The Gift.” Now I should really put some of Dahl’s more classic works on my list.


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