The Obsidian Blade

Author: Pete Hautman

Type: Fiction, novel

Part of series: The Klaatu Diskos (#1)

Published: 2012

I read it: April 2012

obsidian blade

Pete Hautman’s sci-fi kickoff is a fun, breezy read with interesting implications. Tucker Feye travels through time to find his parents, jumping from fantastical sci-fi futures to the most critical historical events of our time. While the core cast is solid and memorable, many external figures pop up so briefly as to be interchangeable, and worse, forgotten. So the book is a bit lowered in my esteem, because Hautman’s known characterization and storytelling skills get overshadowed by the immense amounts of set-up required in this first of a trilogy. As a stand-alone book I would have been a bit disappointed, and I know I’ll have to re-read it before the next installment comes out because there is already a lot that I forget. But for his first attempt at the genre, it’s not a bad stab at all, and I will surely stay tuned to see where it goes.

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