The Cydonian Pyramid

Author: Pete Hautman

Type: Fiction, novel

Part of series: The Klaatu Diskos (#2)

Published: 2013

I read it: October 2013

cydonian pyramid

A solid part two to Hautman’s Klaatu Diskos trilogy. We finally learn what the klaatu are: “transcended” beings who exist in ghostlike digital form. The book outlines better distinctions of the major sects across various times, for example those who shun numbers and those who embrace them. Traversing these whens is the book’s protagonist, Lah Lia. It is fun to learn her back story and witness her and Tucker Feye chase each other in and out of the diskos. For the most part, Tucker narrates his sub-story while held captive on a submarine in the arctic in the 1950s—an amusing and effective way to keep him in the story but properly sitting off to the side so that the book can focus on Lah Lia.

I probably should have re-read the first book as planned, because some of the people and place names are still fuzzy. It can get hard to work up any anxiety over certain events because you forget who is fighting for what, and with the time continuums all over the place, a character’s death is never quite what it seems. The third book ought to deftly weave Tucker and Lah Lia into double-protagonists, but I hope there is a single clear goal for them instead of just trying to stay alive while meeting, then fleeing from, various characters.

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