Saga, Volume Three

Author: Brian K. Vaughan

Artist: Fiona Staples

Type: Fiction, comic

Collects issues: 13-18

Published: 2013

I read it: June 2014

saga 3

Saga keeps up an impressive momentum right around the time when it could show signs of floundering. And a lot of this momentum is through exposition, conversation, and moving the characters around, with a bit less battling than in the first two volumes (though there is plenty of action when needed, especially toward the end).

We pick up with Alana and Marko seeking out the reclusive author D. Oswald Heist, accompanied by Marko’s mother and the sometime-narrator, baby Hazel (whose asides are always welcome). They spend a good amount of the book at the residence of Heist, a pacifist writer who both supports and antagonizes certain family members at different times. He also has a few gem opinions, like “There are only three forms of high art: the symphony, the illustrated children’s book and the board game.” I like his style.

The protagonists are still under pursuit by a couple different parties. The robot politician-soldier still attempts to carry out orders, while in a different sector The Will is having a crisis of conscience about his profession. We are also introduced to a pair of reporters who work for a muck magazine and are willing to go to lengths to capture the story of the illegitimate child. To round out the cast, some exes are still stirring the pot, such as the ghost of The Will’s lover who died last book, and Gwendolyn, who is falling for The Will and still hates her ex, Marko. It all makes for a tight little story where no one seems extraneous (and oh yeah, there’s the first appearance of another assassin with personal ties: The Brand).

It’s easy to see why people talk about this as the comic with a little bit of everything. One thing it definitely has is a whole lot of creativity. Plus: have you ever wondered what the opposite of war is? Read this and see if you’ve guessed right.

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