Author: Stephen King

Type: Fiction, novella (Kindle single)

Published: 2009

I read it: May 2014


I’m trying to get back into some Kindle reading, which I attempt about once a year. Now I’m going for short and sweet Kindle singles, so what better time to read a story about the Kindle itself? It’s a fun one after you get plenty of Kindle reads under your belt and are familiar with the device, although it was probably a little more powerful when it was published five years ago when the technology was new.

It’s still a good premise though—millions of multiverses which reflect the various potential output of loved authors. It’s every hardcore reader’s dream, except that it’s only happening to one person and becomes a nightmare. While the story never gets too demented, it’s almost better for that. Things remain pretty grounded without every page covered in blood. The access that the mysterious Kindle grants is equal parts fun and unnerving.

The one thing that threw me off was the title, which apparently is the name of a Biblical city as well as a prefix meaning “original” or “primitive.” While this is directly explained in the book, I can’t get past the modern version of “ur”—the text speech that means “you’re.” For a story about technology, I really thought this would be the logical usage, but it’s a minor gripe for an otherwise fun story.

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